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TA Applications

TA is a positive psychology of change that has a wide range of applications:

Personal change

As a tool of therapy you can use TA to help achieve your personal goals. You can use it to break free of a negative life script and become more autonomous. With your counselor you develop a contract for change based on your goals. You can be seen individually or in a group. You can work on solving individual, relationship, or family problems.

Educational change

You can use TA to help students overcome blocks to learning, enhance teacher effectiveness, and improve school administration. You can use it to solve teacher-student conflicts and communication problems within the school system. TA supports education for responsibility, tolerance of others, critical thinking, and emotional literacy.

Organizational change

You can use TA to enhance job performance, develop more effective management, leadership skills, and greater organizational teamwork. TA supports organizational goals and helps to solve management-employee problems or conflicts in order to promote healthier and more productive business, governmental, and social organizations.

Spiritual change

You can use TA in religious organizations to help promote tolerance for all unprejudiced, open-minded religious faiths. You can use it to solve problems between congregations and religious leaders. TA supports healthy ways of meeting spiritual needs, affirming basic principles of compassion, love, and empathy for diverse religious groups.

Social Change

At the social/cultural level, TA can be used to promote healthy and productive social institutions. It can raise awareness of social inequities and promote OK-OK relations between diverse cultural groups. TA can be used by both informal and formal social leaders and their followers to support basic human rights in line with the goal of creating more harmony in society.